Thursday, October 9, 2014

Welcome to Essentially Holy Living

Wanted to send a quick hello and introduce myself as a distributor of YL oils.  I have been doing this for 9 months and want to get the information out there for those moms who are looking for ways to help their kids with learning disabilities, auto-immune issues with digestion, and just general sickies.

I have two daughters, Lulu and Rayne-drop.  Both are my pride and joy and so proud of all they have become.  They are home schooled and we live a pretty natural life with healthy eating habits, holistic healing and natural remedies when possible.  My oldest is ADHD, Anxiety-ridden, High functioning Autistic, and a spirited child!  My youngest is neuro-typical child with stress and anxiety tendencies.

I have anxiety and worry tendencies along with trying to keep my sanity raising two teens.

We love life in Michigan and all that it has to offer us, but winters can be long and rough.  Young Living has many remedies to help what ales us.

Want more information, contact me at my email address or at the following link.

In His servitude , Kim S

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